Visiting Anish Kapoor

During the holidays we took a little trip to De Pont to visit the Anish Kapoor.
And…..I loved it!
Anish Kapoor was one of the first modern artists I learned about when starting art school. So he remains one of my favourites.

anish kapoor#1

The great thing about his work is that you have to move around it to fully see it. Every angle gives you a new perspective. It was a lovely experience seeing a lot of his work together.

anish kapoor#2 anish kapoor#3

Mini, Boyfriend and me also had a lot of fun looking into some of his big mirrors. We went from small to wide, crooked and even upside down!

So far, Mini seems to like going to museums. And we hope this will stick! I don’t expect him to become a total art lover like his mama. But I do hope we’ll be able to raise him with at least an appreciation for art.


6 responses to “Visiting Anish Kapoor

  1. Ken deze kunstenaar niet, maar het ziet er prachtig uit! En wat leuk die foto van jullie 3-en!
    Fijn weekend 🙂

  2. I wanted to visit on the 24th, but De Pont was unfortunately closed. I think any Anish Kapoor exhibition is perfect for a visit with kids: versatile, exciting, (pretty!), participatory… an “easy” & interesting way into appreciating art 🙂

  3. Ziet er enorm gaaf uit!

  4. Dat ziet er echt heel leuk uit! Oh, op dit moment verlang ik soms wel even naar de handigheid van gewoon één al iets ouder kind dat je lekker mee op stap kunt nemen in plaats van een zeer recalcitrante peuter en een inimini-baby en al hun zooi, waardoor je dus echt nauwelijks ergens komt! 😉

  5. oh, dat ben ik dus!

  6. he? ik had een reactie geplaatst maar per ongeluk onder Helmuts wordpress account, maar nu is de hele reactie weg…? Nou ja, maar even samenvatten dan dat het er heel erg leuk uitziet!

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