Lazy Sunday #2

Feeling a bit under the weather this sunday so we took it easy. Last week was pretty busy. Last weekend we re-wallpapered (is this a word?) our sitting room and also gave it a fresh coat of paint. (pictures will follow). We also changed some stuff in Mini’s room (again pictures will follow once the light is less depressing). There was work and there was a fun afternoon with Marlous who also took some pictures of our little home for Oh Marie (scary!!!)



This sunday we took it easy, remnants of our sunday breakfast, Mini playing around the house and subsequently crashing on the sofa. And Boyfriend who made us a great lunch.

sunday#2 sunday#3 sunday#4


2 responses to “Lazy Sunday #2

  1. Heerlijk zo’n relaxte zondag! En spannend hoor die photo shoot voor Oh Marie! Ben heel benieuwd 🙂

  2. Wat een heerlijke plaatjes, ben erg benieuwd naar de foto’s van Marlous. En wat een te gek peper&zout stel!

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