Another Sunday

Today some shots of the sitting room with a fresh coat of wall paper and paint. It’s just nooks today because in reality the couch and floor were covered by Mini’s  toys (by the way, the colour of the paint seems to variate a lot, that has a lot to do with taking pictures throughout the day). We had a calm sunday today, enjoyed each others company and just played, laughed and cuddled. I’m so thankful for sundays like this and just spending time with each other. sunday#1 sunday#2 sunday#3 sunday#4
Today was also a day that I wished (for the first time in a very long time) that burning candles for someone actually helps!
Hope you all had a lovely sunday too.


6 responses to “Another Sunday

  1. Wat mooi, die verschillende tinten! ❤

  2. net genoten van leuke binnenkijker van jullie mooie huis in Den Bosch in Oh Marie!

  3. Woohoo Wendel, wat staat je huis geweldig mooi in de Oh Marie!
    Ben helemaal jaloers vanuit ons post-baby-explosie-huis…

  4. Hoi Wendel, wat een gaaf huis heb je! Ik heb er een blogpost aan gewijd! Nieuwsgierig? Zie deze link:

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