A Fresh Start

fresh start #1  Today it’s about making a fresh start!
I’ve been absent for quite a while. Why?
Well, I’ve basically been sick for a month and it really wasn’t that fun.
You know that state you get in when it’s just all about you feeling like a heated up corpse and you just can’t produce a single coherent thought about any other subject then how crappy you feel?
Well, that about sums up my month. One of the side effects of the whole thing was that I just had lost all inspiration to blog or even to look at my computer. Luckily with some meds things started to improve.
And last week I had my birthday (I finally got a DSLR camera!) and I started to feel a little better both physically and mentally. Hence the photo’s of garlands around the house, that’s me trying out my new camera!

fresh start #2

I’ve got a lot of great things happening the next couple of months (more on that later). And I’m so excited to finally get back in the swing of things and actually start doing instead of doing nothing!

So this spring means a fresh start.

fresh start #3


6 responses to “A Fresh Start

  1. Wonderful timing: in only a few days we’ll be in Spring! With hopefully some additional sunshine to experiment with your new camera 🙂

  2. Wat een PRACHTfoto’s! En zo te zien een heel leuk fris kleurig huis. Gelukkig voel je je weer wat beter 🙂

  3. Dubbel gefeliciteerd ;)! Mooie foto’s!

  4. heerlijke kleurrijke foto’s. Op naar meer fijne dingen 😉

  5. Lovely blog. I shall follow. And good luck with getting those garlands back into the tidy pile they were in to begin with!

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