Looking for Beauty

A while ago I was talking to some fellow bloggers about the reason of blogging. It turned out that in a way, it was the same for all of us. Life can be a wee bit of an asshole sometimes and it is quite easy to get caught up in all the not so wonderful things in it. But one thing that really helps is looking for beauty around you. Even in the most mundane everyday events there are elements of beauty to be found.

beauty flowers

Blogging sort of helps you become aware of this everyday beauty. It can make you look around and ‘see’ where beauty is hidden (because sometimes it is hidden pretty well). And this is the reason to keep blogging, so you don’t forget.

beauty bed

To be honest, I have forgotten this the last couple of months. Things haven’t been going very smoothly and both the Boyfriend and me brought home stress and anxiety. Add to this mix a pregnancy and a lot of exhaustion and you’ve got the perfect recipe for not blogging. For wanting to forget everything and just go to bed.

beauty outside

But I am going to try and stay true to my original attempt and look for the beauty that is there.  And because I happen to know a lot of beauty is on its way to us this very minute.


5 responses to “Looking for Beauty

  1. Looking for all the beauty everywhere also helps to get through tougher moments. Hope life will soon become a little smoother for you and your little family. Love the pretty pictures, those colors of the bedsheets are wow!

  2. Heel herkenbare tekst…nu de zon zo schijnt gaat alles eens zo makkelijk 😉

  3. I hadn’t thought of it that way but your right, blogging really does make you hunt out the beauty in life 🙂

  4. Heel herkenbaar wat je schrijft! Ik lees en kijk soms terug wat ik de afgelopen maanden gepost heb en zie dan, ondanks het teveel aan narigheid, mooie dingen. Het is een soort veilige mooie blije wereld waar ik me dan waan. Wetende dat er meer is, maar dat is dan voor andere momenten.
    Hoop dat je je wat beter en fitter voelt op het moment. Op zonneschijn!

  5. Ja inderdaad heel herkenbaar, door het bloggen kijk ik ook heel anders naar gewone dagelijkse dingen. Ik geniet er daardoor veel meer van. Hopelijk geniet je snel weer van de fijne dingen om je heen!

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