Maternity Leave (is over)

It’s been awfully quiet here as I have been enjoying/surviving our baby girl’s first months. And today I thought is was high time to share a few images from the first couple of days. Like my first proper meeting with this little lady after a C-section.


She’s 3 months old now and my maternity leave is over. So that means getting back to work and blogging as well!
It’s been a longer absence than I was planning on, but as fate would have it breast milk actually destroyed my computer (I spilt it on the keyboard and then everything went dark FOREVER).  For now I’m making due  with  a macbook from 2005 The Boyfriend dug up. But I guess that will do for a while at least I’m back online!beginning.003


4 responses to “Maternity Leave (is over)

  1. Welkom. Leuk om je terug te horen/zien.
    Tijd vlieg. Geniet nog van je kinderen

  2. Gorgeous pics!

  3. Leuk dat je er weer bent! Lieve foto’s 🙂

  4. Ahhh, dat mooie meisje! Ik heb hier nog een witte MacBook liggen, mag je lenen als je wilt?

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