Last Days of Christmas…


I was always told that you could keep your christmas tree and decorations until the sixth of january (Three Kings or the Epiphany). So I think it’s okay to blog about our christmas-interior after christmas as well.


This year we kept it simple and mostly mint-coloured (except for our pink christmas tree). I think the thing I like most about christmas is the complete overkill of sparkle! And you don’t even have to apologize for it.  Also I love to watch my favourite christmas movies The Night Before Christmas and Elf, although I think I may have watched Elf a little too many times. I can’t get it out of my head!


I hope you all had a lovely christmas too!



4 responses to “Last Days of Christmas…

  1. Ik HOU van een mintgroene kerst!! (Enne.. 3 koningen is op de 6de, toch?)

  2. Hahaha..Elf! Ik ken vooral die scene met die luchtverfrisser die hij in zijn giechel spuit…god wat een lol. Ik vind jullie kerst de bom jongee!

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