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Society 6 Love

One of my favourite online shops is society6.
I totally get off on all of the pretty artwork.
In fact, it’s hard to keep from drooling….
I actually keep a little wish list with my favourites.
Today I thought I’d share my current wish list with you!

soc61 soc62 soc631. Haircut 1 – Erin Case  2. Esfera – Victor Vercesi  3. MTNS – Luke Flynt  4. Space Oddity – Pablo Zarate  5. L’infinito – Victor Vercesi  6. Valentina – Dawn Gardner 7. Moonrise Kingdom – Girlviolence  8. Diamond – David Fleck





Visiting Anish Kapoor

During the holidays we took a little trip to De Pont to visit the Anish Kapoor.
And…..I loved it!
Anish Kapoor was one of the first modern artists I learned about when starting art school. So he remains one of my favourites.

anish kapoor#1

The great thing about his work is that you have to move around it to fully see it. Every angle gives you a new perspective. It was a lovely experience seeing a lot of his work together.

anish kapoor#2 anish kapoor#3

Mini, Boyfriend and me also had a lot of fun looking into some of his big mirrors. We went from small to wide, crooked and even upside down!

So far, Mini seems to like going to museums. And we hope this will stick! I don’t expect him to become a total art lover like his mama. But I do hope we’ll be able to raise him with at least an appreciation for art.

Away On Holiday: Graffiti

Just one more post about our lovely holiday. Going to Sardinia I expected the towns and villages that we visited to be quaint and picturesque. I thought about derelict buildings and vespa’s. But somehow I never thought about modern day stuff like graffiti. Then when we visited Cagliari (Capital of Sardinia) I was kind of suprised by the amount of graffiti and I ended up photographing them a lot more then all of the old stuff (churches and what not) together! 

I also feel in love with this one artist and had a lot of fun spotting his/her pieces. I loved the crazy fishes, ships and other weird spikey entities I found on the walls of Cagliari. I even played a detective a little bit and did a Google search to find out who was behind those great pieces. And I even found him! He works under the name Crisa and if you also like his stuff, you can found out more about him here and look at more work here.

Excuse the blurriness of the photo, I took it from a moving car, the Sardinian traffic craziness really didn’t allow us to stop!

Art Above the Mantlepiece

After hanging our awesome neon fernsehturm, I noticed it didn’t really go well with the mountain scenery above the mantle piece. So I mixed things up a bit with some classic 1930’s art. Currently Young Lady With Gloves by Tamara de Lempicka is hanging every so suavely above the mantle piece and she’s looking pretty good next to the neon fernsehturm!

What’s that? You want to know a little more about Tamara de Lempicka? Well, she’s this pretty cool lady originally from Poland. Because of the Russian Revolution she and her family fled the scene and ended up in Paris. There she began discovering her own bold and distinctive style of painting. It probably helped her career that she hung out with the cool crowd; she was besties with the likes of Picasso, Gide and Cocteau. Not too shabby!
She’s generally classified as an Art Deco artist and not as a Cubist. But when I look at her work I definitely can spot the influence of cubism in her work. Her human figures are stylized and the hint of cubism makes them look like statues. I love the bold shapes she uses to make her human figures look so cool and clean as if they are made out of marble. This is also emphasized by here strong use of light and shade, how Titian-esque.. Though Tamara is often a little forgotten in all the Bohemian frenzy of early 1900’s Paris, I really love her work!

Here are some other awesome examples of her work. And don’t forget to check the fabulous stylized curls on the ladies, ‘cause I’m obsessed with them!

1. La Dormeuse  2. Portrait of Mrs M.  3. Adam and Eve  4. Woman with Dove 5. Self-Portrait in the Green Bugatti  6. Andromeda

Textile Delight

Today a visit to the Textile Museum in Tilburg with Philomeen and Marlous. The textile lab made my hands itch, gimme some of that wool and let me make stuff! Or rather, let me mess around  experiment in the lab and I’ll probably end up destroying a couple of those machines.

Besides from all the fancy machines it’s great to meet like minded people. I had a lot of fun chatting it up with Philomeen and Marlous. And here’s what you get when you visit a museum with 2 other bloggers, 3 in a row…

Awesome Typography Art

This week I loved this image:

I found it on Bloesem Blog and I was immediately in bombarded by its awesomeness! I had to find out where it came from and who made it. After some online detective work, this is what I found: it was made by Dominique Falla a.k.a. the Tactile Typographer, an artist from Melbourne, Australia. She loves making different kinds of typography with tactile media. And I must say, I’m a sucker for both! The work I could do Anything… is about the creative process and the fact that it can be a bitch sometimes. An idea can go in so many different directions, it can be quite hard to make decisions sometimes. This work actually comes with something of a Part Two. 

This is the second half of the sentence. First Dominique created I could do anything, then she unwound it and renailed the second half If only I could decide  what it was. If you look closely you can still see the holes from the first half of the work.

Do you like this as much as I do? Well, then definitely head over to Dominique’s site, because there is more where this came from! 


Museum Sunday

This Sunday we visited a museum family-style. And we had so much fun! The MOTI, Museum Of The Image in Breda turned out to be a great pick. They had a few exhibitions, I was dying to see, and it turned out I wasn’t the only one who had a good time. First there was the Pop Up exhibition curated by Lidewij Edelkoort. A beautiful exhibition about the double world we live in, a world that exists both in 2D and 3D en the new generation that go back and forth between the two with great ease. There was ridiculously awesome stuff there, such as stop motion animation, augmented reality en chairs made by a 3D printer.

In the second room there was a lot of furniture and some sculptures. This is where mini had the most fun. His absolute favourite was a big velvet tree in the middle that was basically a toy for him.

And all three of us had the most fun in the Design It Yourself room. A place where you can make t-shirts, pictograms and magazine covers. And it looks awesome in there. We sent most of our time making magazine covers.  Finally there was Supermart, a exhibition all about product designing and it had a wonderful display. Such a fun and inspiring day!