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The Dark Crystal Returns

dark crystal #1

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved the movie Dark Crystal by Jim Henson. I’m just in love with the fantastic characters and beautiful puppets. 10 years ago I even found a vintage movie poster! I never had it decently framed though because of it’s unusual form. A couple of years ago my parents wanted to have it framed as a birthday gift. But instead of framing it, they sort of lost it! Which really sucked. Then 2 weeks ago, my mom found it again and also had it framed. So, the birthday gift came in a bit late, but I really really love having my poster back.

dark crystal #2

To celebrate I made the Boyfriend watched the movie again with me. And it’s still pretty damn good. I also completely forgot I own a special edition of the movie that comes with a replica of Jim Henson’s sketch book and a reproduction of the original 35mm movie. I’ve definitely been in nerd heaven thanks to the return of the missing poster!


Sweet Mad Men Style

Here in the Netherlands we are still denied the pleasure of Mad Men season 5 and have to wait until 2013 for it to actually be aired here.
But I simply can’t wait that long!  And there are ways around this little problem… So far my love for Mad Men has stood the test of time (I still love it, despite it’s long absence). In the new season Don has a new place.
In this swanky condo you can spot a lot of the beautiful stuff us vintage-lovers would die for.  Though I must say, at first sight there seems to be an awful lot of brown!
The gems hidden here, take a little longer to spot, like many animals they are cleverly disguised by using camouflage… or to make a long story short, they too are brown. But eventually you’ll definitely pot the gems.
I guess it takes (me) a little longer to spot them because nowadays we prefer our teak wood furniture with white floors and brightly colored walls. So (again to me) it’s a little alienating and very interesting to see them in their natural habitat. Mad Men always provides me which so much more then just entertainment, it’s also a little lesson in the history of style…

Gone Where The Wild Things Are

Today Maurice Sendak died at the respectable age of 83 and for us he left behind (among other things) something beautiful, the story of Where The Wild Things are. Which I absolutely loved, see here.
Of course I wanted to read the story to Mini this evening as my own little tribute.
But Mini being 2 years old obviously didn’t care about my sentiments at all and he wanted to read some stupid book about a boat.
So I’ll just make you guys watch this video instead!
Bye Maurice, I loved your stories… 

For Maurice Sendak and some laughs, watch this!

Where The Wild Things Are

I have been in love with this beautiful book for like ever! Then the movie came, and I loved it as well. Though the story is very simple, I loved the beautiful monsters, the pure and childlike emotions, the enchanting images and that fantastic music. All these ingredients made for a beautiful experience. So today, an ode to The Wild Things.

1. children’s costumes via  2. illustration by Craig Watkins via  3. movie poster @amazon 4. t-shirt via 2bhiptshirts  5. ring via  6. book by Maurice Sendak  7. book by Dave Eggers  8. sneakers via  9. illustration by Nan Lawson via  10. figurines via  11. cover soundtrack @amazon  12. Max-slippers by babycricket

Sick! So dance with me…

My house is currently infested with the flu. So there hasn’t been a lot of action, neither on this blog or in my life. Mainly it consist of painkillers, cough medicine, anta flu’s, buckets and soup. Really not fun at all! So to lift my spirits a bit, today I’ve been watching some fun little clips on youtube. I thought I’d share one with you, it’s an oldie, but I still love it!

I love the way Nouvelle Vague managed to tie in the origin of their name (a film movement in the 60’s with Jean-Luc Godard as one of its founders) with this clip. The clip is originally a scene from Godards movie Bande a Part. I think the way that nouvelle vague’s song fits with this little bit of film is just beautiful.

Things I like:

I thought I might start off with a little video of something that makes me laugh everytime I see it:

Until Recently…

… This blog was haunted. And I was haunted! I wanted to start a blog for quite some time now. But one way or another I just never found the time. Yes, I’ve been busy, but when I wasn’t I was usually lazy otherwise occupied. But I was haunted, haunted by this empty blog. This blog has literally been a ghostblog since december 2009. Wow! I didn’t even realize that until I just looked it up! A year, that sounds really scary.

So here’s something else that is a bit scary, but mostly just peculiar. These images are from the movie The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, it dates from 1919. The movie belongs to the German Expressionism movement. It’s esthetics were designed to convey the emotions of the characters. Scenery, light, and shadow were used to enhance the mood of a film. Watching this movie definitely was an experience. Not only because the movie is so beautifully made, but also because it is nothing like the movie experiences nowadays. Peculiar in the best possible way!