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Count Your Blessings



Last weekend Marlous, Cristian, Anki and me took a little trip to Zeeland. A weekend spent chatting, laughing, eating, (thrift)shopping in Brugge and just relaxing by the sea.


I don’t really count blessings that often. But I’m very blessed to know these crazy, funny and sweet people (and even though you missed this trip,that includes you Iris!)

zeeland#4A funny thing when hanging out with other bloggers is everyone’s obsession with their phone and/or camera. We’re all just a bunch of weirdo’s… 😉


Looking for Beauty

A while ago I was talking to some fellow bloggers about the reason of blogging. It turned out that in a way, it was the same for all of us. Life can be a wee bit of an asshole sometimes and it is quite easy to get caught up in all the not so wonderful things in it. But one thing that really helps is looking for beauty around you. Even in the most mundane everyday events there are elements of beauty to be found.

beauty flowers

Blogging sort of helps you become aware of this everyday beauty. It can make you look around and ‘see’ where beauty is hidden (because sometimes it is hidden pretty well). And this is the reason to keep blogging, so you don’t forget.

beauty bed

To be honest, I have forgotten this the last couple of months. Things haven’t been going very smoothly and both the Boyfriend and me brought home stress and anxiety. Add to this mix a pregnancy and a lot of exhaustion and you’ve got the perfect recipe for not blogging. For wanting to forget everything and just go to bed.

beauty outside

But I am going to try and stay true to my original attempt and look for the beauty that is there.  And because I happen to know a lot of beauty is on its way to us this very minute.

Immer Urlaub


Last friday I joined Iris for the opening of the wonderful Urlaub Illustration and Concept Store. What an inspiring place! Ellen did such a great job putting it all together. There was so much to see (and buy). I really love to see products that were made with such attention and care. And of course there were lovely people to chat to and eat with. A great evening! Of course I couldn’t resist buying something for our future baby girl. I also couldn’t resist leaving Ellen a little message about her shop with a funny little man on a chalkboard.

urlaub#2 urlaub#3

Mess Around The House

I love clicking around on the internet and looking at all of the impeccably styled homes. It’s really inspiring looking at all of the beautiful images. But what I  really like is when bloggers  not just show their own interiors but also sneak in a peak of their every day cluttered lives. I just love to look at the mess in otherwise awesomely styled houses, it’s like looking at celebrities without make-up. Also, I think mess can be beautiful too.
So today mess around the house, in various degrees.

Dutch Design Week and Piet Hein Eek

Last week I joined a few of my fellow bloggers for a lovely lunch at Piet Hein Eek. We had such a good time just hanging, talking and eating while around us there the hustle and bustle of the Dutch Design Week was going on.
Eventually we did get up of our lazy butts and wandered around Piet Hein Eeks amazing store.

Then we took a look at Terratorium where I saw beautifully styled rooms and pretty corners. I especially loved the work of Tessa Koot and Lisa Klappe.
At Kiki and Joost’s place I could have walked around for hours, so much beautiful stuff to look at! I especially liked Kiki van Eijk’s Sewing Box Cabinet. Which was a sort of XL version of a grandma’s sewing box. I love it when an old idea is given a new form. Check out this little video clip to see the Cabinet in action.
Finally we visited Yksi which isn’t just an amazing store but they also had a little exhibition of their own called MIX’D where I saw beautiful porcelain deserts by Lenneke Wispelwey.

Eindhoven is such an inspiring place to be especially during the Dutch Design Week. I wish I could just wander around there for the entire week. So much great concepts and beauty is hard to resist!

Working On a New Header

I’ve been wanting to change my header for like ever.  I wanted something new and fresh. But of course it is taking me forever to finally finish and be happy with the result. This means my impatient self and my detail oriented self are butting heads again! So we decided on a compromise…. A temporary header! This  should shut my impatient (and frankly quite whiny) self up for a while so I can work on the real thing a bit longer….


Yvestown Fair

Catching my breath from a super fun day at the Yvestown Fair. I attended as part of a super-elite-helper-team together with Casper, Iris and Philomeen. It was such a good day! Yvonne as the mastermind behind the whole fair organized everything so well and every detail was totally up to the Yvestown standard. Next year is going to be even more amazing!

I made lemonade, poured coffee and sliced (but didn’t try!) some delicious looking cakes. (here you can find me on the job)

It was a totally bizarre experience making coffee and tea and rummaging through the cupboards of Yvonne’s kitchen. I’ve seen pictures of Yvonne’s kitchen a million times, I think by now it has got a reputation of its own! And there I was looking for filters and filling the sugar bowl all the while thinking how weird it is that I’m actually doing such mundane things in this ‘almost famous’ kitchen! Philomeen felt the same way and like a total tourist asked my to take her picture with the kitchen!

Of course there was also lots of meeting and chatting with other bloggers. The day ended with a lovely dinner in the garden where I laughed so hard I almost peed in my pants….