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Love for Mini & Maximus

A while ago I discovered an awesome children’s clothing brand: Mini & Maximus. I’ve been following them on Instagram as well. And I absolutely love their style! They say that they are inspired by children who smudge food all over their face, draw all over our walls. Kids help them see the world around them in new way. I really like how playful and at the same time how cool their clothes are. 

And they also have some really awesome prints, that also look really good in your living room!


Getting Ready for Autumn…

… With a new scarf! It’s by this lovely designer Tilt and I almost can’t wait for it to get a little colder and actually wear it.
I found it thanks to Marlous, who made a awesome post about her Dawanda favorites here. Take a look!

I Am Tuttebel

A while ago I bought myself this Tuttebel necklace. It’s a dutch word, and I’ve been racking my brain for a decent translation, but I haven’t been able to come up with one. Let’ just say it’s funny! The necklace was made by Marloes Duyker of Naked Design and she’s made all kinds of necklaces with  other funny Dutch words, have a look here.

Pretty Kiely

I know it isn’t the latest thing in fashionland. And no, I didn’t just discovered it. But the clothes by Orla Kiely are so pretty they often make me want to buy an entire new wardrobe! I love the vintage vibe her clothes have. Only one teeny tiny problem: they’re just a little to expensive when you want to buy the enitre collection like me 😉 Though, I just know all of these dresses would totally go with my vast collection of vintage shoes. So, if you think about it, I wouldn’t need to buy shoes to go with any of these dresses at all. Meaning that in the end, buying Orla Kiely dresses would practically be like saving money!

[images from Orla Kiely website, Lookbook Pre-spring/summer 2012]

Squeeze-me Mittens

I found this lovely image on Pinterest. And after some detective work (yeah, I’m a regular Sherlock Holmes), I figured out where it came from. I love the idea of handholding in the winter without actually having to freeze your hand of. Practical and they look super-cute as well! My favorite combo…  Another great thing: the mittens are even ecofriendly and fair trade! They are made by a self-managed community of indigenous Bolivian women. So order them right away here!

Unwrapping Party

This week my Swan Scarf by Donna Wilson came in the mail. And even though I ordered it myself, it felt like a present (you know the feeling right?). It came in a lovely pink package and I couldn’t just rip it open, so I even documented the opening of the package (yeah, I probably got carried away a bit). People like Donna Wilson really know how to put together a package that just radiates care for the product and the costumer. It’s all in the details; the cool sticker on the front, the environmental friendly pink bag, extra tote that held the scarf, the cool wrapping paper and even a handwritten note. And since I went a little overboard anyway with the whole documenting, I even made a little animated gif (my first!)DW scarf

Another great thing about buying something new is trying it on. So a few examples of how I plan on combining the scarf with my winter coat. The white wool does ‘rub off’ on the black coat just a little. But it’s totally worth the sacrifice! 

And finally a little glimpse at the cool extra’s. Because as I said before, they totally ‘make’ the package. 

Pretty Coloured Satchels

It became clear to me that around the blogosphere, I wasn’t the only one lusting after this bag by the Cambridge Satchel Company. Since neon colours came back in style, the company launched a line of their ‘golden oldie’ in bright and bold neon colours. There’s neon pink (my favorite):Or you can choose neon green:And even neon yellow:I haven’t gotten past the stage of lusting after these beauties mostly because they’re a little out of my price range and apparently, they are pretty hard to come by (long delivery time and all).  And then I found these:Another great satchel that is rocking some pretty solid polka dots to boot! They’re by and come in all kinds of colours and they’re definitely rekindling my love for the polka dot. Oh water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink… Because these fab satchels are only just a teeny tiny bit more affordable! 😉