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Paint it Pink

fruit bowl #1

The great thing about old stuff is that they can be all shiny and new again with some paint. I found this old fruit bowl in a box on its way out to the thrift store. But some where on the internet I saw these painted wicker baskets (if I knew where, this part would have been a link). And I suddenly saw a whole new future for our almost discarded fruit bowl. Too bad I don’t actually want to put fruit in it anymore!

fruit bowl #2 fruit bowl #3 fruit bowl #4


Snow Globe Jar


Sinterklaas is over. That means we can get our christmas on. I started things of with making my own little winter snow globe or jar to be specific!


To make a snow jar, get:
– An empty jar (if you don’t have one feel free to just eat your way to an empty jar).
– A figurine (or more) that will keep in the water. I used Schleich animals, I know they will keep cause Mini plays with them during bath time.
– Some extra props if you like, I used a tree.
– Glitter! don’t use a very fine type of glitter but go a little more chunky for a better effect.
– Water resistant glue
– Optional: Spray paint, I used it to get a little extra colour and create a bit of an ombre effect.


– Clean out your jar real good and remove the label and glue.
– If you want to use spray paint, now is the time to do it! Spray your lid and glass separately.
– Glue your figurine and extra props on to the inside of the lid.
– I also put a little glue on the horsey and rubbed some glitter in it for a permanent ‘snowy’ effect.
– Wait for the glue to dry (and be patient!)
– Boil some water and let it cool. I’ve read that boiled water will keep a little better.
– Poor the water into your jar all the way to the rim.
– Then put the lid on it, let the extra water overflow.
– Remove the lid again and dry it off.
-Put the glue on the inside of your lid and close the jar for real.
– Wait for the glue to dry properly before turning it over!
– You’re done.


Here are a few extra tips that I had to learn the hard way:
– Make sure to first ‘test’ whether your figurine will fit in de jar by placing it on the lid obviously it can’t be any bigger.
– A tree like the one I used  is great but make sure it is colourfast. I used a green tree (like the one you see on the right) and first gave it a good wash to drain it of all colour, you can also bleach it a little. don’t use agressive stuff because it will destroy the entire tree.
– I also made a version with a squirrel in the hexagon shaped jar, I thought it would be a nice effect. Don’t bother it’s not! the water already provides a little distortion.

Easiest Scarf Ever


Love wool but can’t knit?
Like making your own things but also kind of lazy?
This is the scarf for you!
Based on my own experience as a lazy knitter with a thing for pretty wool, I thought of a little trick around the whole ‘knitting problem’.


Here’s how you do it.

2 balls of wool, a pretty chunky wool will do best.
2 spools of thread: 1 in the same colour as your wool and 1 in any colour you fancy.

– Cut strands of wool to the length you want.
– Place all you strands together horizontally as they will be once the scarf is finished.
– Put the your spool of thread(the same coloured one) onto your sewing machine and start sewing the wool together.
– To get the wool through the machine use your hands to keep the wool strands together and guide them through.
– Go back and forth a couple of times.
– Then move up a bit and repeat this throughout the length of your wool. I did this at intervals of about 10-15 centimeter (but whatever tickels your fancy).
– Don’t worry if it’s a little wonky it’s just to keep the wool together.
– Repeat this throughout the length of your wool.
– Now get out your fancy spool of thread and repeat the whole thing but this time try to create some nice lines and patterns while sewing.
– And presto! You’re done.

I actually made a tube scarf, so you have to sew the ends together (first the same colour thread and then the fancy thread). But it’s fine to leave it as is too.


Mae Engelgeer on the Sofa

mae engelgeer#1

A while ago I got one of those gorgeous tea towels from Mae Engelgeer. But I just couldn’t bare to actually do the dishes with it or worse, use it while cooking and getting grease  and other hard to remove stains on it. So I took a little inspiration from Enigheid and made a cushion out of the towel.

mae engelgeer#2

Mini’s Birthday Treat

Last week was a pretty busy birthday week. When you’re little it seems like you get more then one birthday. We went to an amusement park on his actual birthday, then a celebration at his daycare, we made some Butterfly treats for all the kids there. And finally his actual party, a picnic with family en friends in the playground. I found the butterflies on Pinterest here.
And this is our version.

butterfly treat #1

– some paint
– wooden cloth pins
– googly eyes
– pipe cleaners
– glue
– ziplock bags
– some snacks to fill them with, we went with fruit (’cause it’s healthy and all)

butterfly treat #2

We painted the wooden cloth pins, this is something you can easily do together. Mini and I had a lot of fun.

butterfly treat #3

Then we glued on the googly eyes together. I handled the glue of course…
After that we put the pipe cleaners through the little round metal holes on the sides of the cloth pins.
Bend them upwards and curl the ends.
It’s also possible to fasten the pipe cleaners by putting them in the clip of the cloth pins. I preferred this way, because the butterflies remain almost intact after the treat is gone and you can reuse them.

butterfly treat #4

The last step is the filling of the ziplock bags with the chosen treats.
Pinch the bag together in the middle and fasten them with the cloth pins.
Aaaaaaaand done!

Ombre Dye DIY

It’s all over the blogosphere and I must say, this is one of those trends I love! (unlike wedge sneakers). Along with neon pink I’ve had a soft spot for ombre garments ever since I was little and pretended to be a fashion designer. Seriously, the amounts of pink and rainbow-coloured ombre dresses I drew are insane.

I thought I might try my hand at my own little ombre DIY project. I decided on ombre bed linens. Mostly because a white duvet cover is the only completely white item I own.

The result isn’t much of a classic ombre. To me it’s some sort of landscape study in pink (woah, this makes the duvet cover sound very arty all of a sudden!).
Then there’s this tie-dye feeling because the paint clearly didn’t reach every bit of the fabric. These shapes look like weird tree-with-moss-nature-things to me. It’s more of an experimental ombre meets tie-dye duvet cover now!
I guess I’ll file this experiment under serendipity. It may not be the result I was aiming for, but I kind of like the result in it’s own weird pink-xtc-trip-way. 

Since this isn’t your typical DIY tutorial, I won’t tell you what to do. But here are a few things I’ve learned while doing this:

  1. If you want to paint a piece of fabric this large, you need a big container to hold both dye and fabric. I used an empty (and clean!) garbage can, but it clearly wasn’t big enough as the dye couldn’t reach every nook and cranny due to the folds in the fabric. I think a bathtub would be your best bet.
  2. Don’t listen too much to the instructions on the package, Technically the amount of dye I used wasn’t enough for the amount of fabric, but it was more then enough really. You only need the indicated amount for dark shades of the color you select.
  3. You have to figure out your own time schedule for painting an ombre, I did the bottom first and left it in the paint for the amount of time indicated on the package. The second part of the fabric I dipped for only half the time of the first round and so on.
  4. Don’t put it in the washing machine! This sounds stupid I know, but here’s what happened to me: originally, I wanted to top of the dovet cover to be white, so I didn’t dip it in the dye. The instructions said to let the fabric dry and then rinse it out manually. So after drying, I rinsed it from top to bottom in the shower as to make sure there wouldn’t be any pink on my white half. Then I let it dry again. According to the instructions, I would now be able to wash the duvet cover in the washing machine. So I did, there obviously was some paint left in the fabric because my top half was pink within minutes! I have no idea how to solve this problem, maybe more rinsing?

So, that’s my two cents regarding DIY ombre projects. Hopefully my pearls of wisdom will come in handy when you try it yourself! Good luck and let me know how it turns out…

Neon Bag Project

A while ago I had a little brainwave about a simple plastic grocery bag and tulle fabric. Instead of it remaining a fictional project, like many of my ideas do, I actually got to work. Experimenting behind the sewing machine is always good fun! I tried out a couple of things, a pink xl version, a green and blue version and a layered version of both green and blue. And after using them for a week they even turned out to be more sturdy then I thought! 

For some reason Mini is nuts about them, He drags his toys around in them all the time! He even agreed to model a bit for me.