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Mini’s Birthday Treat

Last week was a pretty busy birthday week. When you’re little it seems like you get more then one birthday. We went to an amusement park on his actual birthday, then a celebration at his daycare, we made some Butterfly treats for all the kids there. And finally his actual party, a picnic with family en friends in the playground. I found the butterflies on Pinterest here.
And this is our version.

butterfly treat #1

– some paint
– wooden cloth pins
– googly eyes
– pipe cleaners
– glue
– ziplock bags
– some snacks to fill them with, we went with fruit (’cause it’s healthy and all)

butterfly treat #2

We painted the wooden cloth pins, this is something you can easily do together. Mini and I had a lot of fun.

butterfly treat #3

Then we glued on the googly eyes together. I handled the glue of course…
After that we put the pipe cleaners through the little round metal holes on the sides of the cloth pins.
Bend them upwards and curl the ends.
It’s also possible to fasten the pipe cleaners by putting them in the clip of the cloth pins. I preferred this way, because the butterflies remain almost intact after the treat is gone and you can reuse them.

butterfly treat #4

The last step is the filling of the ziplock bags with the chosen treats.
Pinch the bag together in the middle and fasten them with the cloth pins.
Aaaaaaaand done!


Mini is Maxi

Mini = 4

This awesome little dude is 4 years old today! I can’t believe we no longer have a toddler but a boy who’s going to school (soon). Today we’re celebrating just the three of us.

P.S. look at the shadows on the ground, this is what you get when you grow up with 2 iPhone addicted parents.

Love for Mini & Maximus

A while ago I discovered an awesome children’s clothing brand: Mini & Maximus. I’ve been following them on Instagram as well. And I absolutely love their style! They say that they are inspired by children who smudge food all over their face, draw all over our walls. Kids help them see the world around them in new way. I really like how playful and at the same time how cool their clothes are. 

And they also have some really awesome prints, that also look really good in your living room!

Sunshine Birthday

We had the best of luck celebrating Mini’s third birthday. All week the weather was rainy and cloudy, except for sunday when suddenly the sky was blue and the sun was shining! Coincidentally, my workweek had been as ominous as the weather this past week, so our sunshine filled birthday was a breath of fresh air in many respects. We wasted no time and took the party outside to the playground near our house. An awesome decision though I say so myself! The pictures are mostly pre-party, since during I had way to much fun and forgot all about photographing.

My sister baked these amazing rainbow cakes that I found here on pinterest. They look pretty chemical (and they probably are) but they also were quite delicious! We also made a ton of other goodies, but nothing stayed on the table long enough to take a descent picture! (I guess that means we did a good job ;))

Mini got this amazing suitcase as a present and decided to go on vacation right there and then. You can just see him wandering about near the tree.

Mini and His Room

This Sunday it’s Mini’s 3rd birthday!
And because he is visually absent here most of the time. I thought I’d shine a light on his room instead. Of course like everything else in our house, it’s still nog completely finished. Which is also the reason I haven’t shown his room here yet. But the Why-Don’t-You-Stop-Whining-About-Small-Things-Part of my brain gave my No-But-Everything-Has-To-Be-Done-And-Perfect-Part of my brain a kick in the butt and posted it anyway.

This Week

Things got rearranged around the house. I switched some stuff around and I made room for Johnny Cash. He was supposed to get a space in our ‘office’ but we still haven’t gotten to fixing up that room yet. So I felt sorry for him sitting alone in the attic all these months 😉 Johnny was my gift to the Boyfriend a couple of years ago. It a little bit special as well, because it is a photo of his last show in the Netherlands. So Boyfriend is glad to have him in a prominent place again!

This week I also made our pouffe a new cover made from an old woolen blanket. And Mini reorganized the sofa pillows while I tried to take some photographs of it. I also made Mini a table tent with left-over fabric.

And I got Mini these cool monster socks from H&M. They don’t really fit with this post, but they are just so damn cute!

Wallpaper, wallpaper and a little more wallpaper

One of the few rooms in our house that is 90% done is Mini’s room. And his room has a very cool wallpaper by fashion designer J.C. de Castelbajac, mostly because I couldn’t really part with this wallpaper just yet. Mini used to have the same wallpaper in his previous room.

And though I still love it, I come across so many cool wallpapers that I sometimes wish I had ten more walls left! Here’s a selection of awesome wallpaper I found at Minimoderns, doesn’t it make you wanna re-paper your house too? 

1. Fayre’s Fair – Mustard 2. Whitby – Lido 3. Pet Sounds – Harvest Orange 4. Festival – Stone 5. C-60 – Snow 6. Hold Tight – Mustard 7. Our Adventure Is About To Begin – Sky Blue 8. Six of One – Smoothie Pink