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I brought back some lovely things from Brugge. There is definitely more to Brugge than just a great thrift shop!  The hat is from Veritas and the little crochet deer rattle from a sweet little shop called Luna Bloom.



Count Your Blessings



Last weekend Marlous, Cristian, Anki and me took a little trip to Zeeland. A weekend spent chatting, laughing, eating, (thrift)shopping in Brugge and just relaxing by the sea.


I don’t really count blessings that often. But I’m very blessed to know these crazy, funny and sweet people (and even though you missed this trip,that includes you Iris!)

zeeland#4A funny thing when hanging out with other bloggers is everyone’s obsession with their phone and/or camera. We’re all just a bunch of weirdo’s… 😉

Lomo Berlin

I also took my Lomo camera to Berlin and it was quite a lovely to carry a camera around that was so light! I took my Lomo Diana F+ with an old 120 mm film I thrifted. I like how these pictures capture Berlin in a completely different way.
The first photo is my favorite, it’s the Hay store window display and through the glass you also see the building across the street.

From Berlin with Coolness

Warning! To read this post, one must be able to imagine the vibrant neon colours  yourself! (neon is such a bitch to photograph*)

Of course Berlin meant lots of walking around and also a wee bit of shopping! I finally got the beautiful Hay archive folder, which is so beautiful when you fold it open that I seriously doubt whether I’ll actually ever use it for storage.

I also found the sweetest Little Elephant cup for Mini and some chocolates with awesome packaging. And of course there were also magazines and art books that simply had to be bought over at Do You Read Me?!  Such a great trip and great finds too!

* quoting Philomeen and Marlous here of course!

Berlin, I Love You

My Berlin trip with Anki, Cris, Iris, Marlous and Philomeen was like a little present that I didn’t expected to get (christmas is still a long way down the road). We had such a lovely time walking around Berlin and just taking it all in. The city has so many faces from stately to graffiti and back again,  just beautiful!

Berlin was like the best host we could have asked for, we had  great food, good cocktails, we laughed our asses off and ended up with some great/funny/good/hilarious memories.
And some cool stuff too, but that’s for later!

Next Stop: Berlin

Tomorrow I’m leaving for a couple of days Berlin with some pretty awesome blogfriends. I’m super excited to go! Mostly because Berlin is definitely one of my favorite cities I’ve visited so far.
The photo above is from my last trip to Berlin, when I visited the beautiful museum of modern art the Hamburger Bahnhof which is literally in the old railway station. And last time I actually saw Yoko Ono there!
I guess that after this weekend there are going to be quite a lot of Berlin Blogposts so check out: Anki, CristianIrisMarlous and Philomeen for more Berlin goodness. Especially check out this hilarious post of Philomeen, she turned our little group into lego figures and even matched the lego’s hair colours to ours!

Away On Holiday: Graffiti

Just one more post about our lovely holiday. Going to Sardinia I expected the towns and villages that we visited to be quaint and picturesque. I thought about derelict buildings and vespa’s. But somehow I never thought about modern day stuff like graffiti. Then when we visited Cagliari (Capital of Sardinia) I was kind of suprised by the amount of graffiti and I ended up photographing them a lot more then all of the old stuff (churches and what not) together! 

I also feel in love with this one artist and had a lot of fun spotting his/her pieces. I loved the crazy fishes, ships and other weird spikey entities I found on the walls of Cagliari. I even played a detective a little bit and did a Google search to find out who was behind those great pieces. And I even found him! He works under the name Crisa and if you also like his stuff, you can found out more about him here and look at more work here.

Excuse the blurriness of the photo, I took it from a moving car, the Sardinian traffic craziness really didn’t allow us to stop!