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Nursery: the After


And here’s the After. We’ve used the same vintage furniture that used to be Mini’s. I still love the colours so we kept them too. And we painted one wall in colours to match. Which was quite an adventure were we dealt with equilateral triangles versus unequal triangles and there were even some Mondriaan references on Boyfriends part…


I’m really happy with the result and the graphic shapes. I even found a vintage glass lampshade that goes really well with the wall! And maybe it’s my strange sense of humor but I still get a little kick out of this particular Andy Warhol quote in a baby’s room… 🙂



Nursery: Blank Canvas (the before)

canvas#1canvas#2I wanted to share our road from transforming this small white room into a nursery. But I failed miserably at this.
So I thought I’d just make a little ‘before and after‘.
For today: the Before, this is how the room looked before we got to work.
Tomorrow: After!

Colour Addiction


I’ve been battling a pretty serious addiction. I’ve always had a soft spot for this colour. Earlier this year I painted our entire (a bit of an overstatement as it is pretty small) sitting room in it. And this spring I ended up buying the same colour sneakers without even realizing it at the time. I guess this means a ban on all things turquoise for a while…

Catch Up Post #1: Staircases

One thing we’ve been putting of for 2 years now is painting the stairs. So when Mini was on vacation with his grandparents a while ago we finally got to work. As this was probably the last chance we would have this year. Living in a 30’s home that has seen a lot of use and not that much of love, our stairs looked like this:stairs before

And after 10 days of sanding, undercoating and painting our stairs now look like this:after + cat

The cat is usually not included, but somehow she felt she needed to be in all the ‘after’ pictures. I guess she figured she matches our fresh staircases so very well. All we have to do now is paint the horrible gray another colour and we’re done!


Oh, and did I mention we have 3 staircases in our house?

Another Sunday

Today some shots of the sitting room with a fresh coat of wall paper and paint. It’s just nooks today because in reality the couch and floor were covered by Mini’s  toys (by the way, the colour of the paint seems to variate a lot, that has a lot to do with taking pictures throughout the day). We had a calm sunday today, enjoyed each others company and just played, laughed and cuddled. I’m so thankful for sundays like this and just spending time with each other. sunday#1 sunday#2 sunday#3 sunday#4
Today was also a day that I wished (for the first time in a very long time) that burning candles for someone actually helps!
Hope you all had a lovely sunday too.

Ch-Ch-Changes coming up?

On a rainy day last week, I got it into my head to flip the living room with the dining room. We’re not very formal and never had separate rooms for dining and ‘living’ but since our house is from the 1930’s, the rooms are separated by built-in ensuite doors.  Anyway, while Mini was asleep I flipped over the 2 main furniture pieces (sofa and table). And than a terrible thing happened, the flip started to make sense to me!

Since we had a busy weekend ahead I flipped the rooms back again, but I’m planning the ‘Big Change’ as we speak…
I wonder about this crazy thing that always makes me want to change things.
It seems like some people (including myself) are just always pushing for yet another change. What is that? Is it restlessness or maybe a sign of creativity? Who knows, I guess it means that in our house there is always something to do!

Floor versus Sand

What a busy week! Not only did I have a busy time at work, we also were really busy in the house. We used our pentecost weekend to rip out the old battered floor in our bedroom and we lay a brand new white one. Also, the beige window and door frames had to go and everything is fresh and white now. But we did mix our hard work with hard relaxation. So it was wooden floors versus sandy beaches really! And as a bonus: a photo of Mini, he is pretty much unrecognizable with is monster cap…