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All Aboard the Memphis Train!


For a while now I’ve been having a slightly big obsession with the Memphis group. Which you might have noticed when looking at my blog header. I have a real soft spot for the playfulness of the geometric shapes.


When I found this little wooden train at the thrift shop, I knew I was going to paint it white with multiple coloured wheels. And then I got an even better idea. Memphis patterns! Now my only problem is that I like it so much that I’m not sure I want my destroyer baby playing with it.










Vintage Painting Restyle Again

I found an awesome Bob Ross-esque painting at the thriftstore. Though it needed a little love especially on the awful brownish frame. Initially I wanted to do something like this again. But I changed my mind and I’m pretty happy with the result of my experiment! 

Queen’s Day Finds

This Queen’s day I stumbled upon some awesome finds. My favorites are these camera’s. I just couldn’t help myself…. I found an Agfa Clack, Agfa Optima 1a and a Zeiss Ikon Bilora. And possibly even better, I found 5 rolls of 120 mm expired film!

Things Don’t Always Work Out…

Sometimes you have a clear idea in your head and you’re thrilled when the real life version is just as good as the picture in your mind. But it doesn’t always work out! Lately I had two idea’s fail in real life. First there was the embroidered landscape I thrifted. Nothing seemed to work with this thing. Finally I thought, I’d try something like this. But it turns out, this technique doesn’t actually work on wool, Big Fail! Only thing I like is the ‘pixels’ inside the letters themselves.

Another Fail was my spray painting the bottom half of this thrifted cup. I hoped it would look like I dipped it in paint, to give the cup a bit of a cool edge. I don’t really know why but it didn’t really work for me. Perhaps I should have just dipped it in a big bucket of paint!

Well, these were my two fails of late, luckily I have a few more ideas! Hopefully they’ll turn out a little better. Did you have any Fails lately?

We Rule the World

Somewhere this summer I bought a marble picture frame from the 30’s at a flea- market in the company of Iris. It turned out to be quite a hard frame to fill! A black and white picture made it look even more ancient (not in a good way though)  and a colored photograph just looked all wrong in this old frame.

A while ago I orded a lovely print by Hillary BirdWe Rule the World‘. And thinking about were to put the print I secretly hoped that it would go with the 30’s frame. And. It. Did. 

I think they look really well together. Who knew that all a marble frame needed was a beautiful colored print?

Vintage Painting Restyled

I came across a great idea a while ago and decided to make my own. A vintage painting restyled with some white spray paint. I chose a few words from a song by Sia that both me and Boyfriend love. And I put it on our nightstand on Boyfriends side. I really like the way the letters now have all these different colours in them and how, if you look closely, you can still see the old painting through it. Wanna see how it’s done? Look hereAnd just to share some more, Here’s the video by Sia, but a warning first: this video is gorgeous!!!

Sia | Soon We’ll Be Found from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.

Vintage Fantastic Plastic

Today I thought I’d share another find. These Fantastic Plastic egg cups. I love the bright colours and they make my egg taste even better! 😉 Against my will I actually have an egg cup collection at this point. Ever since I was a kid, I got an egg cup for Easter. And when me and the Boyfriend got together, he got one too. So now we have a big collection of the most bizarre egg cups, that keeps getting bigger every year. To sum it up, I hardly need more egg cups, but I just couldn’t resist these!
(And I can’t believe how many times I just wrote the words ‘egg cups’)