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Lazy Sushi


I often feel like sushi but even more often I really really don’t have the time to go through the hassle of making it, like on a tuesday evening when you just got home from work. Lazy Sushi is the answer!


white or brown rice 200 gr.
pealed edamame 200 gr.
1 cucumber
1 avocado
2 spring onions
1 teaspoon ginger syrup
2 tablespoons brown rice vinegar
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon wasabi paste
1 tablespoon sesame oil
2 tablespoons black sesame seeds


– Cook the rice as usual.
– Blanch edamame (peal them first if you got the pods).
– Chop the cucumber and avocado in tiny pieces.
– Chop spring onions in fine rings.
– Mix the ginger syrup, ricevinagar, soy sauce, sesame oil and wasabi together.
– Taste and add a little more wasabi if you like.
– Pour this marinade over the veggies and mix.
– Once the rice is done, mix the rice together with the veggies.
– Cut the nori into tiny pieces (use scissors it’s a lot quicker!)
– Mix the nori in with the rice and veggies.
– Before serving, you sprinkle everything with black sesame seeds.

And as a bonus feel free to add some raw salmon into the mix or on the side with some soy sauce and wasabi.



This is where I found the recipe: oatmealista



Snow Globe Jar


Sinterklaas is over. That means we can get our christmas on. I started things of with making my own little winter snow globe or jar to be specific!


To make a snow jar, get:
– An empty jar (if you don’t have one feel free to just eat your way to an empty jar).
– A figurine (or more) that will keep in the water. I used Schleich animals, I know they will keep cause Mini plays with them during bath time.
– Some extra props if you like, I used a tree.
– Glitter! don’t use a very fine type of glitter but go a little more chunky for a better effect.
– Water resistant glue
– Optional: Spray paint, I used it to get a little extra colour and create a bit of an ombre effect.


– Clean out your jar real good and remove the label and glue.
– If you want to use spray paint, now is the time to do it! Spray your lid and glass separately.
– Glue your figurine and extra props on to the inside of the lid.
– I also put a little glue on the horsey and rubbed some glitter in it for a permanent ‘snowy’ effect.
– Wait for the glue to dry (and be patient!)
– Boil some water and let it cool. I’ve read that boiled water will keep a little better.
– Poor the water into your jar all the way to the rim.
– Then put the lid on it, let the extra water overflow.
– Remove the lid again and dry it off.
-Put the glue on the inside of your lid and close the jar for real.
– Wait for the glue to dry properly before turning it over!
– You’re done.


Here are a few extra tips that I had to learn the hard way:
– Make sure to first ‘test’ whether your figurine will fit in de jar by placing it on the lid obviously it can’t be any bigger.
– A tree like the one I used  is great but make sure it is colourfast. I used a green tree (like the one you see on the right) and first gave it a good wash to drain it of all colour, you can also bleach it a little. don’t use agressive stuff because it will destroy the entire tree.
– I also made a version with a squirrel in the hexagon shaped jar, I thought it would be a nice effect. Don’t bother it’s not! the water already provides a little distortion.

The Dark Crystal Returns

dark crystal #1

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved the movie Dark Crystal by Jim Henson. I’m just in love with the fantastic characters and beautiful puppets. 10 years ago I even found a vintage movie poster! I never had it decently framed though because of it’s unusual form. A couple of years ago my parents wanted to have it framed as a birthday gift. But instead of framing it, they sort of lost it! Which really sucked. Then 2 weeks ago, my mom found it again and also had it framed. So, the birthday gift came in a bit late, but I really really love having my poster back.

dark crystal #2

To celebrate I made the Boyfriend watched the movie again with me. And it’s still pretty damn good. I also completely forgot I own a special edition of the movie that comes with a replica of Jim Henson’s sketch book and a reproduction of the original 35mm movie. I’ve definitely been in nerd heaven thanks to the return of the missing poster!

Mini is Maxi

Mini = 4

This awesome little dude is 4 years old today! I can’t believe we no longer have a toddler but a boy who’s going to school (soon). Today we’re celebrating just the three of us.

P.S. look at the shadows on the ground, this is what you get when you grow up with 2 iPhone addicted parents.

Looking for Beauty

A while ago I was talking to some fellow bloggers about the reason of blogging. It turned out that in a way, it was the same for all of us. Life can be a wee bit of an asshole sometimes and it is quite easy to get caught up in all the not so wonderful things in it. But one thing that really helps is looking for beauty around you. Even in the most mundane everyday events there are elements of beauty to be found.

beauty flowers

Blogging sort of helps you become aware of this everyday beauty. It can make you look around and ‘see’ where beauty is hidden (because sometimes it is hidden pretty well). And this is the reason to keep blogging, so you don’t forget.

beauty bed

To be honest, I have forgotten this the last couple of months. Things haven’t been going very smoothly and both the Boyfriend and me brought home stress and anxiety. Add to this mix a pregnancy and a lot of exhaustion and you’ve got the perfect recipe for not blogging. For wanting to forget everything and just go to bed.

beauty outside

But I am going to try and stay true to my original attempt and look for the beauty that is there.  And because I happen to know a lot of beauty is on its way to us this very minute.

A Banana Anniversary

This july me and the Boyfriend have been together for 8 years. We celebrated it in a big way, if celebrating means forgetting. That’s right, we both completely forgot about the whole anniversary! Even though the previous month we picked out our anniversary gift together. <br>It took us almost a week to realize how dumb we both were. And on a not so special tuesday, we finally opened our gift. Even though it wasn’t much of a surprise and we completely ruined the moment, we’re pretty happy with it!

Why a sign that says ‘bananas’ you ask? Well, we got the sign at Oh Dier, a Etsy shop that makes awesome wooden signs, I blogged about it here. We both already really liked the Bananas sign then. So when the time came to pick a gift for ourselves we just went for it! Actually, I hesitated and wanted a more lovey dovey kind of sign, but as the Boyfriend pointed out, our year has been kind of bananas, so it fits very well! No, it just needs a good spot…

Visiting Ai Wei Wei

This post has been stuck in ‘Draft’ for like ever! We visited Ai Wei Wei around the end of june and I’m  only just getting around to posting about it. Sadly, my absence is not because of summer or a relaxing vacation.  I just got so busy with work and writing my thesis and I spent so much time behind a screen, that I suffered from a severe case of computer-fatigueness (yeah I know, that’s probably not even a word…). Anyways, me and my computer are friends once more. So I’m excited to post here again!

The Ai Wei Wei exhibit was absolutely lovely. And the Boyfriend, Mini and myself had a great time in De Pont!The sculptural works of Ai Wei Wei have such a tranquil and peaceful quality. It’s a real pleasure walking among his works (in Mini’s case running). The interesting thing is, that this peaceful quality is in sharp contrast with his short films that were also on exhibit. Ai Wei Wei is very critical towards the Chinese government and the way they treat their  inhabitants. The films on display at De Pont provided me with a very confronting insight into the situation of  human rights in China.  I really became aware of some of the conflicts from a very direct source (the individuals living through them). And it really made me think. The exhibition was very interesting on all levels, even Mini’s level! I’m so glad we went even though it was the very last day of the exhibit!

And as a bonus: an odd little family portrait!