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A Visit to the Woonbeurs

I’ve been reading and looking at pictures of the Woonbeurs (interior fair) for years now. And I always felt like I was missing out. So this year I decided to go. And man, I was not disappointed!
Especially the Eigen Huis & Interieur together with More Than Classic stand was so gorgeous I almost threw up.
Beautiful and Inspirational (yes, with a capital).
Also talented designer Lex Pott showed his awesome new products for Hay. woonbeurs lex-pott 1

I was a fan of Lex Pott since I saw his work at the Dutch Design Week last year. And the combination of Lex and Hay is a match made in designer-heaven.
Lex Pott likes his designs to be reduced to their fundamentals. His designs show the essence of the object. So working together with Hay, a brand that wants to invoke the innovate design of the 50’s and 60’s, is just golden. I literally had to rip myself away form this stand (and from photographing myself in all the cool mirrors).

woonbeurs lex pott 2

woonbeurs EH&I 1

The stand of Eigen Huis & Interieur in collaboration with More Than Classic was just too good for words. Steven van Manen did a stand out job putting this stand together.
The thing I liked best about the stand: Objects were mixed together is a very forward way. This made the whole stand feel so new and fresh. woonbeurs EH&I 2

And to top it of Eigen Huis & Interieur presented their own furniture line. The whole stand looked like one big yummie pastel candy. And the pieces were really good.

woonbeurs EH&I collectie

And even though it is not a great picture, I just have to show you this blue sofa. It was the best sofa ever! The velvet and cushions were so soft, it felt like a cloud. Seriously, I’ve been dreaming about this sofa…

woonbeurs EH&I sofa




Little Nursery, Little Girl

And of course, life easily gets in the way of blogging. Even if your resolved to change your ways. I guess I need a slow start!

Nursery 1

A while ago I took some pictures of Elfgirl’s room. Since the last time I photographed her room we’ve added the Hay Gym Hook for her little clothes. It took me a while to find something that didn’t take up a lot of space. And we can add as we go along. I think I’d love a wall full of them!

Nursery 2 cloudsNursery 3 hay

Last year when we just started to put her room together, we hung a Moderna Museet Andy Warhol poster next to her bed. Now I’m thinking of taking it down and hanging a couple of prints instead. I love the Andy Warhol poster but it does limit your options on a tiny wall space! And Bat Girl has been standing on the ground for almost a year now and I’m thinking she’d like a chance up there.

Nursery 4 blanketNursery 5 ikea shelves

The blanket in her bed was knitted by my mother, who hates knitting large things because they take too long, but she made an exception for me.

Nursery 6 bed Nursery 7 batgirl Nursery 8 couds


A Coat Hanger And Its Many Uses

A while ago I bought some Hay coat hangers. But so far I’m having a pretty hard time actually hanging clothes on them. Instead the coat hangers have become poster holders, magazine holders and now it turns out they are also great christmas ornaments holders.

coathanger#1 coathanger#2 coathanger#3 coathanger#4

From Berlin with Coolness

Warning! To read this post, one must be able to imagine the vibrant neon colours  yourself! (neon is such a bitch to photograph*)

Of course Berlin meant lots of walking around and also a wee bit of shopping! I finally got the beautiful Hay archive folder, which is so beautiful when you fold it open that I seriously doubt whether I’ll actually ever use it for storage.

I also found the sweetest Little Elephant cup for Mini and some chocolates with awesome packaging. And of course there were also magazines and art books that simply had to be bought over at Do You Read Me?!  Such a great trip and great finds too!

* quoting Philomeen and Marlous here of course!

Being Sick and Curling Up

This past week I’ve been sick. Being sick for me mostly means I just want to curl up in ball and stay under the covers. Cut myself off from the rest of the world for a bit. Just being home for a while feels like a warm blanket sometimes. So today just some photo’s from around the house to get back into the swing of things.