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Washi Tape Everywhere!

Masking tape or washi tape is all the rage right now. I’ve seen it in all kinds of beautiful forms and shapes. And of course I’ve got a couple of rolls myself, I’ve been using them on my calendar, notebook, diary and gifts of course! But I haven’t been very ‘innovative’ with it yet. Even though there many brilliant books you can buy on the subject. Today I found a magazine in the bookstore, Marie Claire Idees. I was instantly drawn to it when I noticed the tree on the cover was actually made of washi tape!Marie Claire Idees stylists did all kinds great things with washi tape that I never even though of. So I guess it’s time for me to get out of my safe zone (paper) and start applying some washi tape around the house![images from Marie Claire Idees]

PS: please forgive me the quality of the pictures. I couldn’t find them on the web, so I had to resort to the old school taking-photo’s-of-pictures-method, and I did that very hastily…


homemade calendar

It’s been a while since I blogged. Why? An awful flu that turned into a throat and sinus infection. And a massive fever, which is just unprecedented for me, I never have a fever! I couldn’t even look at my computer screen long enough to read and let alone write a post. But I’m finally beter! And before I catch up on my blog reading. First a little post.

This is the calendar I made for 2011. I usually buy a calender with squares so I can write stuff in it. But I got bored with those in 2009. Last year I made a calendar on my Mac. Which turned out pretty good! But when I started making one for 2011 , I felt a bit bored again… There aren’t that many options and I sort of tried them all the last time. I decided to do something else completely. This is the calendar I made for 2011. It’s a lot of white but I actually like it. For the necessary colour I used masking tape. ¬† And I’m pretty happy with the result! I might even use it next year (if I don’t get bored with it ;-))