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Birthday Treat #2

b-day treat #1

A while ago Mini (who now officially is a Maxi) turned 5. And here in Holland that means handing out treats at school. This is what we made last year for his pre-school. This year we made popcorn with edible confetti to celebrate.

b-day treat #2

We made popcorn for 30 kids. So that means some serious quantities.
Here’s what you need:
– 600 grams of popcorn (use ready made if you want to make everything in advance)
– 2 bars of white chocolate
– edible confetti 50 grams
– candy paper 15 pieces
– tooth picks 30 pieces
– 30 popcorn boxes (I got mine here)


Here’s what you do:
– Cut out your shapes (we made the number 5 obviously) from the candy paper.
– Then melt the chocolate, I just used the mircowave but old fashioned au bain Marie is good too.
– Put a drop of chocolate on the back of your candy paper and place a toothpick on top.
– Let it dry (this takes some time) and this is how you get your topper.
– Make the popcorn or just open the bag.
– Divide the popcorn over the popcorn boxes.
– Drizzle the chocolate over the boxes.
– Than sprinkle the confetti over everything.
– Place the topper on each of your popcorn boxes and presto!

b-day treat #3


Mini’s Birthday Treat

Last week was a pretty busy birthday week. When you’re little it seems like you get more then one birthday. We went to an amusement park on his actual birthday, then a celebration at his daycare, we made some Butterfly treats for all the kids there. And finally his actual party, a picnic with family en friends in the playground. I found the butterflies on Pinterest here.
And this is our version.

butterfly treat #1

– some paint
– wooden cloth pins
– googly eyes
– pipe cleaners
– glue
– ziplock bags
– some snacks to fill them with, we went with fruit (’cause it’s healthy and all)

butterfly treat #2

We painted the wooden cloth pins, this is something you can easily do together. Mini and I had a lot of fun.

butterfly treat #3

Then we glued on the googly eyes together. I handled the glue of course…
After that we put the pipe cleaners through the little round metal holes on the sides of the cloth pins.
Bend them upwards and curl the ends.
It’s also possible to fasten the pipe cleaners by putting them in the clip of the cloth pins. I preferred this way, because the butterflies remain almost intact after the treat is gone and you can reuse them.

butterfly treat #4

The last step is the filling of the ziplock bags with the chosen treats.
Pinch the bag together in the middle and fasten them with the cloth pins.
Aaaaaaaand done!

Mini is Maxi

Mini = 4

This awesome little dude is 4 years old today! I can’t believe we no longer have a toddler but a boy who’s going to school (soon). Today we’re celebrating just the three of us.

P.S. look at the shadows on the ground, this is what you get when you grow up with 2 iPhone addicted parents.

Lazy Sunday

Today we did a whole lot of nothing.


There was some cookie eating,  a little tea drinking, a bit of book reading, a splash of movie watching (How To Train Your Dragon for the millionth time) and just a tad of popcorn eating.


Mini was a little less lazy and also managed to turn our house into a toy labyrinth.
I love days like this.


Museum Sunday

This Sunday we visited a museum family-style. And we had so much fun! The MOTI, Museum Of The Image in Breda turned out to be a great pick. They had a few exhibitions, I was dying to see, and it turned out I wasn’t the only one who had a good time. First there was the Pop Up exhibition curated by Lidewij Edelkoort. A beautiful exhibition about the double world we live in, a world that exists both in 2D and 3D en the new generation that go back and forth between the two with great ease. There was ridiculously awesome stuff there, such as stop motion animation, augmented reality en chairs made by a 3D printer.

In the second room there was a lot of furniture and some sculptures. This is where mini had the most fun. His absolute favourite was a big velvet tree in the middle that was basically a toy for him.

And all three of us had the most fun in the Design It Yourself room. A place where you can make t-shirts, pictograms and magazine covers. And it looks awesome in there. We sent most of our time making magazine covers.  Finally there was Supermart, a exhibition all about product designing and it had a wonderful display. Such a fun and inspiring day!

Getting Into the Spirit of Things

Now I have my weekends back, it’s also time to make our house a little more christmassy. But since the light is so crappy this time of year and so is my camera, I opted to use instagram instead (have you heard of it? such a convenient and practical app ;-)). So a few snapshots of our home and our x-mas stuff. 

The white christmas tree is Mini’s. He picked it out himself and decorated it (with my help obviously). His tree, Mini is allowed to play with, when we decorate a big real tree tomorrow, that one will be off limits. At least that’s the plan…. There’s also a glittery deer camping on some books  and a few Jurianne Matter lanterns scattered around the place which are really pretty when lit, so is my fave Pols Potten lamp by the way! A big glass vase is filled with christmas ornaments as a sort of christmas centre piece. And everywhere candles, candles, candles! Of course it wouldn’t be christmas without some vintage Maria & Christ prints…


On my last museum  visit, I went to the museum shop as well (looking at art books is almost as much fun as the actual museum ;-)). I found this great little book called Iron Me On by Mike Perry.

He’s a graphic designer and has made all these fun little drawings and letters that are actually decals. And you can cut them out and arrange them any way you like, and then just iron them on. A very easy way to spruce up otherwise dull items (like some boy clothing) so I got it.

And Whamm! here’s the result so far. (the whamm in the picture sure ads a little something extra, don’t you think?)