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Paint it Pink

fruit bowl #1

The great thing about old stuff is that they can be all shiny and new again with some paint. I found this old fruit bowl in a box on its way out to the thrift store. But some where on the internet I saw these painted wicker baskets (if I knew where, this part would have been a link). And I suddenly saw a whole new future for our almost discarded fruit bowl. Too bad I don’t actually want to put fruit in it anymore!

fruit bowl #2 fruit bowl #3 fruit bowl #4


3 things I love but lack the courage for…

Reading fashion/interior/art magazines I come across a lot of things I really like, but would never do in my own home. A lot of the time that’s fine, cause some of those idea’s are way to outrageous, thought of by outrageous people with outgrageous budgets, how don’t actually have to live in it. But some of those idea’s get under my skin. Here’s a couple of idea’s I kinda wish I could would do.

1. Throw a bucket of black paint against a wall

This idea I got from Estelle’s videoclip American Boy. A white wall with black paint splashed all over it looks kind of beautiful to me. And if you do that on the wall behind your sofa, you don’t have to worry about art above your sofa anymore! Talk about a cheap solution.

2. Use a few cans of spray paint on a Louis XV armoire

I love that it’s not on a wall! If you have a mural in your house, that’s nice and all. But you can’t take it with you. This way you have a bit of graffiti chic with you where ever you live. I think the bright colours are awesome. And the whole thing is kinda ballsy. This image I once saw in an Elle Decorate (I think) and online I found it on the site of Burke & Hazelden.

3. Use many bold and bright colours

Like so. This is actually a piece of artwork that is painted on the wall at the Boijmans van Beuningen museum in Rotterdam. And it’s not in someone’s living room. But wouldn’t it be cool if it were? I want (the courage) to smear some neon pink paint on my wall!

There is a number 4, but sadly it doesn’t come with a picture. I looked all over the internet and I couldn’t find what it anywhere. But once upon a time I saw it in a magazine. So NUMBER 4: spray paint a sofa. Get an old sofa, preferably black or red and spray paint it white. Of course you’re not supposed to do this, so the paint will start to crack. But that’s the point! When it does you see a bit of the original colour through the white. And that looked really cool. At least it did in the magazine….