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All Aboard the Memphis Train!


For a while now I’ve been having a slightly big obsession with the Memphis group. Which you might have noticed when looking at my blog header. I have a real soft spot for the playfulness of the geometric shapes.


When I found this little wooden train at the thrift shop, I knew I was going to paint it white with multiple coloured wheels. And then I got an even better idea. Memphis patterns! Now my only problem is that I like it so much that I’m not sure I want my destroyer baby playing with it.










The Dark Crystal Returns

dark crystal #1

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved the movie Dark Crystal by Jim Henson. I’m just in love with the fantastic characters and beautiful puppets. 10 years ago I even found a vintage movie poster! I never had it decently framed though because of it’s unusual form. A couple of years ago my parents wanted to have it framed as a birthday gift. But instead of framing it, they sort of lost it! Which really sucked. Then 2 weeks ago, my mom found it again and also had it framed. So, the birthday gift came in a bit late, but I really really love having my poster back.

dark crystal #2

To celebrate I made the Boyfriend watched the movie again with me. And it’s still pretty damn good. I also completely forgot I own a special edition of the movie that comes with a replica of Jim Henson’s sketch book and a reproduction of the original 35mm movie. I’ve definitely been in nerd heaven thanks to the return of the missing poster!

Art Above the Mantlepiece

After hanging our awesome neon fernsehturm, I noticed it didn’t really go well with the mountain scenery above the mantle piece. So I mixed things up a bit with some classic 1930’s art. Currently Young Lady With Gloves by Tamara de Lempicka is hanging every so suavely above the mantle piece and she’s looking pretty good next to the neon fernsehturm!

What’s that? You want to know a little more about Tamara de Lempicka? Well, she’s this pretty cool lady originally from Poland. Because of the Russian Revolution she and her family fled the scene and ended up in Paris. There she began discovering her own bold and distinctive style of painting. It probably helped her career that she hung out with the cool crowd; she was besties with the likes of Picasso, Gide and Cocteau. Not too shabby!
She’s generally classified as an Art Deco artist and not as a Cubist. But when I look at her work I definitely can spot the influence of cubism in her work. Her human figures are stylized and the hint of cubism makes them look like statues. I love the bold shapes she uses to make her human figures look so cool and clean as if they are made out of marble. This is also emphasized by here strong use of light and shade, how Titian-esque.. Though Tamara is often a little forgotten in all the Bohemian frenzy of early 1900’s Paris, I really love her work!

Here are some other awesome examples of her work. And don’t forget to check the fabulous stylized curls on the ladies, ‘cause I’m obsessed with them!

1. La Dormeuse  2. Portrait of Mrs M.  3. Adam and Eve  4. Woman with Dove 5. Self-Portrait in the Green Bugatti  6. Andromeda

Mini and His Room

This Sunday it’s Mini’s 3rd birthday!
And because he is visually absent here most of the time. I thought I’d shine a light on his room instead. Of course like everything else in our house, it’s still nog completely finished. Which is also the reason I haven’t shown his room here yet. But the Why-Don’t-You-Stop-Whining-About-Small-Things-Part of my brain gave my No-But-Everything-Has-To-Be-Done-And-Perfect-Part of my brain a kick in the butt and posted it anyway.

Sweet Mad Men Style

Here in the Netherlands we are still denied the pleasure of Mad Men season 5 and have to wait until 2013 for it to actually be aired here.
But I simply can’t wait that long!  And there are ways around this little problem… So far my love for Mad Men has stood the test of time (I still love it, despite it’s long absence). In the new season Don has a new place.
In this swanky condo you can spot a lot of the beautiful stuff us vintage-lovers would die for.  Though I must say, at first sight there seems to be an awful lot of brown!
The gems hidden here, take a little longer to spot, like many animals they are cleverly disguised by using camouflage… or to make a long story short, they too are brown. But eventually you’ll definitely pot the gems.
I guess it takes (me) a little longer to spot them because nowadays we prefer our teak wood furniture with white floors and brightly colored walls. So (again to me) it’s a little alienating and very interesting to see them in their natural habitat. Mad Men always provides me which so much more then just entertainment, it’s also a little lesson in the history of style…

Vintage Painting Restyle Again

I found an awesome Bob Ross-esque painting at the thriftstore. Though it needed a little love especially on the awful brownish frame. Initially I wanted to do something like this again. But I changed my mind and I’m pretty happy with the result of my experiment! 

Photographical Juices

This year I saw many (and I do mean many) beautiful images on the internet. But something that really got my knickers in a twist were images photographed with an old analogue camera. Iris and Anki for instance, made lovely images with their lomo’s and other camera’s. I loved looking at them but they also got me quite frustrated. My old camera’s were in a box somewhere gathering dust. And I’m sure the camera’s were just as frustrated as I was. Sometimes I even thought I heard them begging me to collect them…. 🙂  Today I went on an expedition to locate them and rescue them from a life of boredom and dust. 

I found My Kodak Brownie with a film still in it! And I wasted no time to fill up the film. The Brownie used to belong to my grandparents, which makes it extra special to me. The other small device in the picture is their old exposure meter. I really like looking at it, but I still need to figure out how it works!

This Agfa Isola 1, I found this week on a thrifting spree with Iris. I’ve never shot with a camera like this before. But today I went to the photography store and found a analogue camera-freak behind the counter and I ended up chatting with him about old camera’s for way too long! I did end up with both my camera’s loaded and ready to roll… I can’t wait for the results! Now all I have to do is get some film for my polaroid. But I’ll save that one for later…