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Washi Tape Everywhere!

Masking tape or washi tape is all the rage right now. I’ve seen it in all kinds of beautiful forms and shapes. And of course I’ve got a couple of rolls myself, I’ve been using them on my calendar, notebook, diary and gifts of course! But I haven’t been very ‘innovative’ with it yet. Even though there many brilliant books you can buy on the subject. Today I found a magazine in the bookstore, Marie Claire Idees. I was instantly drawn to it when I noticed the tree on the cover was actually made of washi tape!Marie Claire Idees stylists did all kinds great things with washi tape that I never even though of. So I guess it’s time for me to get out of my safe zone (paper) and start applying some washi tape around the house![images from Marie Claire Idees]

PS: please forgive me the quality of the pictures. I couldn’t find them on the web, so I had to resort to the old school taking-photo’s-of-pictures-method, and I did that very hastily…